How do I set up a drive?

Steps to give a ride

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Once approved to drive, you can start monetizing the travel you were making anyway. Use the Hitch app in advance or on the day you want to drive to schedule your trip.

Tap the DRIVE tab at the bottom right of your app screen.

When scheduling a drive request, enter your starting location and final destination.

Confirm the pickup and drop-off locations that are along your route. We use these points to match you with passengers closely matching your trip.

You can enter the departure time and day that you plan to travel.

Choose how many available seats you may have, from 1-3. We never book the middle seat.

On this screen you can also swipe and select one of the departure times that currently have riders scheduled for a confirmed trip.

Once you've found your preferred trip, select the Accept Trip button. If you don't see a trip that fits your schedule, tap Not seeing a good fit? below the button.

If you don’t see your preferred departure time available, you can choose to be notified.

Once you've selected a trip, you'll see the following confirmation screen.

Arrive at the pick-up location.

Our public pick-up locations are positioned conveniently along your route - so it's quick and easy to stop, gather your riders, and be on your way.

If we can match you with a rider, you'll have rider information one hour before departure time. You can then connect with them and meet in the parking lot at departure time. Once you've picked up your rider, complete the step below.

Once you're on the way, tap the circle next to their name and confirm pick up. You'll do the same at drop-off.

It's quick and easy to connect with riders using Hitch!

Check out our other help center articles here or send us a live chat in the app.

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