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What are the requirements to drive?
What are the requirements to drive?

Here are the requirements for driver approval

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At Hitch, we want to craft the best experience for riders and drivers. We have a few requirements for drivers to be approved on our platform. These requirements ensure the riders' experience on long-distance travel is always top of mind.

Car Requirements:

  • Subcompact Vehicles are Not Allowed on the Hitch Platform.

  • Compact Sedans must be less than five years old.

  • Mid-size sedans, all SUVs, Vans, and Trucks must be less than ten years old.

  • All vehicles must have four doors, ensuring room for luggage and riders alike.

  • Clean, fully operational, and well-maintained.

Driver Requirements:

  • Drivers must be 21 and over.

  • License, Registration, and Insurance: Drivers must ensure that their license, registration, and insurance documents are current and valid.

  • Transportation Industry Standard Background Check: To ensure we keep our community safe, we will run the following checks:

                   - County Criminal Search (Current)
                   - National Criminal Search (Standard)
                   - Sex Offender Search
                   - SSN Trace
                   - Global Watchlist Search
                   - This assures that we can keep our community safe.

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