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Driver Community Standards
Driver Community Standards

We have a great community of riders and drivers

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Safety, security, and customer service are at the top of our minds with everything we do, and we expect this to be extended through our driver community to our customers.

We want to make every ride with Hitch comfortable for all riders and drivers. The guidelines in this section help to foster positive interactions within our diverse community during every experience.

Treat everyone with respect.

We've created these standards for all contact points while using our service. This includes interacting with our Customer Experience team, Driver Operations team, other Hitch drivers, and riders in your vehicle.

Always be on time

Rider information will be available to you one hour before departure time. Once you get to the pickup location, please check in with your rider as soon as possible. Riders are provided the license plate and make/model of the car you provided when applying for Hitch. Please let us know before driving if you need to change the car in your profile to another vehicle. Please do not pick up riders in cars not registered on our platform. You should also ask riders to confirm your name and theirs before entering your vehicle.

Drive safe and without distractions

The safety of our riders and drivers is our top priority, and once the rider is in your vehicle, most of this responsibility will fall on you as the driver. Staying alert, keeping your eyes on the road, and maintaining the posted speed limit are important factors in safe driving. We also recommend keeping music at a reasonable level and avoiding eating during driving, as both can distract you from the road.

Providing a rider with a safe ride allows for a successful rider experience and often will factor into the amount of tip a driver is given and the review you receive.

Please remember that texting while driving is illegal. We do not condone the use of ANY device while driving. It should go without saying, but please do not use your device to watch TV, or videos, scroll on social media, or for any other use. While you need to have the Hitch app active and may need a direction-based map app - please use this in hands-free mode, mounted and easily visible.

We reserve the right to remove drivers from the platform without notice if we believe they are materially breaking traffic laws or are otherwise operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner.

Encourage backseat riders

Consider inviting riders who are traveling solo to sit in the back seat to give everyone some personal space and practice social distancing. This provides riders the space to work, read, and enjoy the ride. This is not always possible on shared rides. We never sell the middle seat - so full shared rides will have one rider in front and two in the back.

Buckle up

Seatbelt use is required by law for both you and all passengers. Safety is our priority.

Be kind and respectful.

Always. Hitch wants to ensure a safe and welcoming community for all riders and drivers with respectful and positive behavior from both sides. Words matter.

You can take cues from your passenger about whether or not they'd like to have a conversation, listen to music, or ride quietly, uninterrupted. When the rider does want to chat, we suggest that you avoid conversations and topics that may be controversial or offensive in nature.

Disclose to your rider if you are using any sort of recording during your drive

We understand that as a driver, you have the right to safety and security in your personal vehicle, including video or sound recording in your car. However, we ask that you disclose any recording devices to your rider and that these recordings remain private. It's the right thing always to obtain consent and be upfront to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communicate clearly and in advance about the plans for any rest stops

Long trips can mean the need for a stop or two on the way. At the start of the ride, this should be a conversation that both the driver and rider have, so any time constraints or specific requests can be discussed. Please do your best to accommodate our riders so we can always provide great service. We know you are on a schedule, but remember that a rider may need to stop due to medical or other necessities, so we appreciate being flexible. Also, riders should be respectful of their time and keep the stops limited and quick.

Ensure pickup and dropoff occurs at our specified locations.

We select safe and convenient pickup and drop-off locations along the route that all riders and drivers have agreed to at the start of the ride. Please only pick up and drop off at these agreed-upon locations for your safety and the rider's safety. Pickups and drop-offs should only occur at our designated locations. All Hitch rides must stop and start at our locations or based on the information you have in the booking. The app is not wrong.

  • No smoking or vaping while driving for Hitch.

  • No drinking or open containers of alcoholic beverages are allowed.

  • Please be kind and respectful to everyone in the car. We suggest that you avoid conversations and topics that may be controversial or offensive in nature so everyone always feels safe and comfortable. Aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is never tolerated. Keep conversations casual and friendly.

  • All contact should end with riders once the trip is completed.

Sexual assault and misconduct

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind are prohibited. Sexual assault and misconduct refer to sexual contact or behavior without the other person's explicit consent.

Personal space and privacy should be respected. The following list provides examples of inappropriate conduct.

  • Behaviors and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Examples include nudges, whistles, and winks. Don’t touch or flirt with people you don’t know.

  • Certain conversations that could be perceived as harmless can be offensive. Don’t comment on appearance, perceived gender identity, or sexual orientation. Refrain from asking unrelated personal questions, such as, “Are you in a relationship?” Avoid discussing your or someone else’s sex life, using explicit language, or making jokes about that topic.

  • Sexual contact is prohibited while using the Hitch App, including before the pickup and during a trip.

Please follow up with our Customer Experience team as soon as possible after your drive if there are any concerns we can help with.

We can only help when we know quickly about any issues that happened. We are here to help you succeed, so please contact us if you need anything.

Please review

Please take a minute to review our privacy statement regarding your personal information and additional TOS details that you've agreed to.

Hitch prohibits discrimination against users based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, any user refusing to provide or accept services based on these characteristics. Any user found to have violated this prohibition will lose access to the Hitch platform. Applicable laws in certain jurisdictions may require and/or allow the provision of services by and for the benefit of a specific category of persons. In such jurisdictions, services that comply with these laws and the relevant applicable terms are permissible under this policy.

As always, riders and drivers can cancel a trip for any reason. Failure to comply with Hitch policies, including our Community Standards, may result in your drive being canceled without payment. We reserve the right to remove drivers from the platform without notice if we believe they are not operating within our TOS, Community Guidelines, Hitch Policies, or service standards.

Check out our other help center articles here or send us a live chat in the app.

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