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How much does a ride cost?
How much does a ride cost?

Hitch is affordable and fits in any budget

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Affordable travel between cities

Traveling between cities can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Hitch provides an excellent way to get between cities that fits your budget. Hitch confidently and know you always get a great price with shared rides.

Matching riders and drivers heading in the same direction allows us to charge less than a bus ticket while providing a better experience. Pricing is based on one-way travel.

Station-to-Station Travel

Select a private ride for yourself or share a ride with other travelers.

Our shared, single-seat and private ride pricing varies based on the route, departure time, and other factors.

With a private ride, you can ride with additional passengers in your party (up to 4 riders) for no extra charge.

Hitch Door-to-Door

For the perfectly customized journey, pay a little more, get a pickup and drop-off tailored to your needs, or get a ride to the airport using Hitch Door to Door. Hitch Door-to-door works within 50 miles or less of one of our specified station locations.

Hitch XL

Need a larger car to carry your whole crew and luggage? Make room for Hitch XL.

Hitch XL offers a door-to-door travel option with more space for comfort and room. When choosing Hitch XL, you are guaranteed a full-size SUV with space for up to 5 riders.

Airport Pickup & Drop-offs

We will pick you up or drop you off at any major airports in the cities we service with Hitch Door to Door. Airport rides are set up as private cars only.

Download the App

The most updated pricing for the time and route you'd like to travel can be found in the app. You can view the departure times and pricing before you confirm a ride request. Shared and private ride availability can vary by city and is subject to change without notice.

Here is the link to the IOS App
โ€‹Here is the link to the Android App

Standard Hitch Rider Policies and Terms of Service apply. Hitch credits and promotions are not stackable - only one promotion can be used per ride. Hitch credits and promotions hold no monetary value, cannot be used for tips, and cannot be transferred to another account. To make any changes to your scheduled ride, you must cancel your ride - this may mean you lose the promotion applied to your booking. All rides must start and stop at the time and location of the app booking. All purchases are final sales. If you cancel your scheduled ride, you will receive a refund to your Hitch Credit Bank in the amount you paid. Lastly, a ride reservation doesn't include any tips you may want to give your driver.


Check out our other help center articles here or reach out to our support team through live chat in the app.

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