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Getting Ride and Driver Details

How and when you'll connect with your driver

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Your booked ride is confirmed through the details in your app and the email sent to you at purchase.

If you don't see them, please check to ensure your app is updated to the latest version, and then a quick app restart should help. If you see previous ride details, please get in touch with our support team through live chat in the app.

Your app will keep you updated with your ride progress. If you're to meet the driver at a pickup location, please plan to be there 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

While most rides are matched with drivers well in advance, a driver may have had to cancel in some cases due to circumstances beyond our control. We will find a new driver for you, but this could delay your departure time. Please watch the app for departure time delay updates.

To communicate with your driver and for your ride to proceed smoothly with Hitch, please ensure the phone number on your profile is current and in service. We are app-based, and you must be able to access and use your app at the pickup time. If you miss your ride because you can't connect with your driver due to out-of-date information, the ride will be canceled, and a refund is not offered.


Check out our other help center articles here or reach out to our support team through live chat in the Hitch app.

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