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What are my payment options?
What are my payment options?

Frequently-asked questions about how to pay for your ride.

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We are 100% app-based, so all payments are processed through our app via credit card or Apple Pay. We do not accept cash payments.

Before booking a ride, make sure to add a payment method to your account. Tap the icon in the app's top-right, then 'Payment' in the menu, followed by the plus sign next to 'Add Payment Method.'

Hitch accepts most major credit & debit cards for payments in-app, with the below exceptions, which are NOT accepted:

  • Prepaid or reloadable debit or credit cards.

  • Gift cards that credit card providers issue.

  • CashApp cards

We also do not currently accept electronic payment services such as PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, etc.

How do I apply earned referral credit or promo code?

If you have earned referral credit, up to $25 per ride in referral credit is applied automatically as a discount to pricing when you view rides. You can view your current balance in the app.

Promo codes should be entered before booking in the 'Payments' -- tap your profile icon, then 'Payments,' then 'Add Code' under 'PROMO AND REFERRAL CODES.' Once a promo code is used or expired, you may still see it in your app. This does not mean it's still eligible for use.

Standard Hitch Rider Policies and Terms of Service apply. Hitch credits and promotions are not stackable - only one promotion can be used per ride. Hitch credits and promotions hold no monetary value, cannot be used for tips, and cannot be transferred to another account. To make any changes to your scheduled ride, you will need to cancel your ride - this may mean you lose the promotion applied to your booking. All rides must start and stop at the time and location of the app booking. All purchases are final sales. If you cancel your scheduled ride, you will receive a refund to your Hitch Credit Bank in the amount you paid. Lastly, a ride reservation does not include any tips you may want to provide your driver.


Check out our other help center articles here or reach out to our support team through live chat in the Hitch app.

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