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Information regarding how to handle traveling with a bike in a Hitch ride

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Bike Transportation Policy

We understand that some of our customers may need to transport their bike with them on their Hitch ride. While we aim to accommodate these requests, we cannot guarantee their fulfillment. Please read our bike transportation policy below for more information.

Booking an XL Ride

If you are traveling to our pickup location by bike or require our driver to transport your bike, it is imperative to book an XL ride. This will ensure that there is adequate space for your bike.

Collapsible Bikes Only

For the safety of our drivers and other passengers, we require that all bikes be collapsible for storage in the vehicle's back. This will prevent any damage from occurring during the ride.

Not Available on Shared Rides

Please note that bike transportation is not available on shared rides. This is to ensure that there is enough space for all passengers and their belongings.

Driver's Discretion

Accepting your bike and bike holder lies solely with the driver. While we will do our best to find a replacement driver if your initial driver declines, refunds will not be provided if accommodation cannot be arranged. Any damage caused to the driver's car by the bike or bike holder will be the responsibility of the customer.

Adherence to Guidelines

We ask that all customers adhere to these guidelines when traveling with their bike. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your ride, and refunds will not be issued in such instances.

Standard Hitch Rider Policies and Terms of Service apply. Hitch credits and promotions are not stackable - only one promotion can be used per ride. Hitch credits and promotions hold no monetary value, cannot be used for tips, and cannot be transferred to another account. To make any changes to your scheduled ride, you will need to cancel your ride - this may mean you lose the promotion applied to your booking. All rides must start and stop at the time and location of the app booking. All purchases are final sales. If you cancel your scheduled ride, you will receive a refund to your Hitch Credit Bank in the amount you paid. Lastly, a ride reservation does not include any tips you may want to provide your driver.


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