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Exclusive Perks with our Student Program
Exclusive Perks with our Student Program
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Student Discounts on Hitch Rides

Are you a student looking to save money on your daily commute or weekend adventures? At Hitch, we offer discounts and incentives for actively enrolled students in US-based degree-granting programs.

What Discounts are Available?

As a student, you will receive a static 5% off all rides daily. This discount will automatically be applied to your final fare. We recommend regularly checking our app or website for any updates on student discounts and promotions.

It's important to note that the student discount will only apply if the final fare after all promotions, credits, and referrals exceeds $0. This means that if you have enough credits or referrals to cover the entire cost of your ride, the student discount will not be applied.

How to Qualify for Student Discounts

You are eligible for our student discounts if you are currently enrolled in a US-based degree-granting program.

You'll need to add your student email as a 'secondary' email on your account. You can easily add it by swiping left on the home screen of the app and adding your email. Or, you can add it in the "Account Information" section of your app. You access that by tapping your profile picture and then 'Account Information'. Once your student email is added you will start receiving the student discount on your rides.

Start Saving Today!

Take advantage of these great discounts and incentives for students. Make sure to add your student email to your Hitch profile and start saving on your rides today.πŸ‘‡


Check out our other help center articles here or reach out to our support team through live chat in the app.

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