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Requesting to be picked up or dropped off at alternate locations?
Requesting to be picked up or dropped off at alternate locations?

Our drivers must follow the booking information

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Often we hear from drivers that a rider is making a departure time or location request other than what’s in the booking. Our drivers should always follow the details they have in the app, and riders may not request to be picked up at a different location or a different time.

We cannot accommodate this request as it disrupts our dispatch flow and goes against our safety standards.

Our ride process is based on a departure schedule from specific locations. We are not an on-demand service, and to keep our ride pricing low, we have selected various pickup and drop-off locations along the major routes to keep it quick and convenient for all.

Shared and Private rides are station-to-station. These rides must start at a Hitch location and end at a Hitch location.

We have a custom pickup and drop-off service called Hitch Door-to-Door. This is a door-to-door service, but again, we ask the driver to always follow the app's information. The rider cannot provide a different address and ask to be picked up and/or dropped off elsewhere. Hitch Door-to-Door pricing is based on the mileage to and from the location - and variations from the schedule will impact that.

If the ride reservation has been changed without notification to, or consent from, the Hitch team, we will debit an additional fee on top of what you've paid for the ride commensurate with the additional miles added to the trip.

For all ride service types, all riders must get in the car at the pickup location in the booking - and get dropped off at the location in the booking. While stops and breaks are allowed, stopping to pick up riders at unscheduled locations is not a request we can accommodate.

This is included in our Terms of Service that are agreed upon at sign-up, and your continued use of our platform indicates consent.

Thank you for helping us to uphold our strong safety standards.


Check out our other help center articles here or reach out to our support team through live chat in the Hitch app.

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